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Goodrech is a leading supplier of components and services to the manufacturing industry worldwide, providing solutions in quality, sourcing and logistics.
Goodrech’s offering - Productivity -  to help our customers reduce total cost and free up capital, achieve stable quality and deliveries, and reduce complexity.

Regardless of your industry, it can be a real challenge to keep your facility and employees productive. The key to improving productivity is to find new, more efficient ways to complete daily routine tasks. When it takes less time and effort to complete a task—and when the employees are safe and comfortable—your efficiency improves.

Companies that excel at productivity seek continuous improvement. You can take steps to reduce non-value-added activities (waste) and standardize processes and systems to improve efficiency anywhere possible.

Examples of waste include:
1. Over production
2. Defects
3. Unnecessary motion
4. Waiting
5. Transportation
6. Excess inventory
7. Excess processing

Examples of standardization include:
1. Workplace organization
2. Just-in-Time inventory management
3. Preventive maintenance program

Goodrech offers products and services to help sustain and improve your productivity.

Focus on Employee Comfort
Research shows that environmental and comfort factors in the workplace have a direct effect on worker productivity. Employees who are uncomfortable, fatigued or stressed by conditions, such as poor air or lighting quality, may be less productive. By enhancing light levels, controlling circulation and temperature, reducing germs and airborne irritants, and equipping workers with comfortable gear and tools, you can boost your productivity.

Work Smarter and Stay Organized
There are many ways to improve efficiency in your operation: organize your workplace, maximize machinery and tool life, and implement inventory management and material handling solutions. You can help reduce the time it takes workers to perform tasks by reducing or eliminating distractions and extra steps. The more time your employees spend working on the task at hand, the more productive they can be.

Goodrech offers the products you need to maximize productivity. 

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